Wat Dhammamongkol

Wat Dhammamongkol

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“Wat Dhammamongkol”

The history is :
Dhammamongkol temple, formerly known as Wat –Pa– Sakae, because early there was a lot of Sakae trees. Later officially named by the person offering the " Wat Dhammamongkol Thaobunyanontwihan" currently has a total area of 32 acres, is rectangular. Built in May2506 (1963) by the wealthy landowners – with intention to offer to the monks to build a temple in a range of their life. For many years pass with meeting the disappointment every time, until the Abbot Pra-Tammomgkolyan on pilgrimage in the forest Sakae. The people at home are far closer have faith to believe in common practice. So they come for Meditation, Merit and Listen to the Dharma preaching by him. The Buddhists from the small amount until it increases every day. The landowners are in the faith with determination and purpose of building a temple till it’s beautiful finally.
It’s is a temple line of Phra Ajaan Mun Bhuridatta Mahathera, located in the heart of Bangkok. As well as being the location of “Willpower Institute” and “VRY Meditation Center”. The purpose was to spread the practice of meditation, both peace of mind and introspection.
The Abbot wishes to improve the lives of the people of Thailand and foreign countries. He have developed permanent objects, and all aspects of the study appears to be certain.

Abbot : Pra-Tammongkolyan

Contacted address : is located at 132 Sukhumvit Road, Soi 101 Lane Punnawithi 20, Bangjak, Phra Kanong, Bangkok 10260
Telephone : (02) 332 4145, 311 1387, 741 7822
Fax : (02) 730 6335
Website: http://www.dhammamongkol.com/

Timetable Practice/Schedule of visitors :
Meditation courses:
(1) Mediation Teacher Course
This course is suitable for those already experienced in practice. Because the eight precepts and continuous practice we’ll get good results. Course is to teach meditation to the public can be a meditation teacher, in accordance with the principles of Abbot Pra-Tammongkolyan. Open to teach. this concentration in 2540 (1997) for six-month period of study (Program 200 hrs). For each course is divided into three terms, each for 40 days to learn both theory and practical exam. Practice field at Doi Inthanon Chiang-Mai for 4 days and 3 nights to complete the course and finally, it offers the certificate ceremony. And many students of Meditation Teachers have the certificate of completion of the course.
1. Normal course : Mon.-Fri. , 1800-2030hrs.
2. Special course : Sat. – Sun.,0900-1600hrs.


(2) Strength Concentration Meditation
The curriculum for the course of completion of meditation teacher. The purpose is to practice meditation continuously. The following activities are walking back and forth, meditation, and listening to sermons.
(3) Self defeating Meditation
Meditation is a basic level course. The training will be held in 5 precepts or 8 precepts, which can be implemented on a voluntary basis. Practice meditation, walking back and forth meditation and listening to Dharma. Methods of teaching and learning are to provide a lecture on basis of meditation for the trainees to have a chance for practical training, exchange ideas, criticized on what they receive from such practices.


The main reason:
A preliminary programme for the general public is divided into 2 programmes
1. Programme 1 day – every Sunday from 1000-1600hrs. at VRY Meditation Center
2. Programme 3 days 2 nights – there is compliance with good accommodation, good food and schedule, and performed according to daily schedule. The practitioner will practice 5 precepts, polite dress request. (unlimited color)

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