Wat Nongpapong

Wat Nongpapong

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This temple is established by Pha Cha Supatto and a model of the forest temple latePha Cha Supattoagain more 100 both of in the country and the foreign countries , within temple area has a museum , which , exhibit the eight necessities of a Buddhist monk , and wax government property model Pha Cha Supattoand still have the pagoda , Buddha's enlightenment glory , which is the place crematesPha Cha Supatto.
The location is :Nonphungthumbon, Warin district, Ubonratchathanee province , far from a province goes to along the public way 2178 numbers ( Ubol - Kuntararuk) about 8 a kilometer
Contacted address: 46/10 WatNongpapong Ban PongsawangTumbonNonphung, Warin district, Ubonratchathaneeprovinces
telephone: 045-267563, 045-268084 , fax : 045-268084
Direction Map :
The history is : when ,date 8 March , 2497 PhaAjan Cha Supattohave walked the pilgrimage arrives at "Dongphapong " which stay far from Ban Kor to go to western about 3 a kilometer and amount of student , when 5-6 travel arrive at all right do pitching sleep umbrella is lining to area the edge of forests. In that time, there is the state is thick wild and uninhabited forest abound with the malaria fever. Later forest majority area was destroyed disappear, still left just the part that is of the temple area in only now. The cause that part this forest was trespassed lampoon because villagers trusts that be influential mysterious hidden stay in that jungle , because always happened with a person who entering to plant crops cut the wood or hunt animal, when getting out there everyone will have often died by unknown causes.

Timetable Practice/Schedule of visitors :
- 06.00 - 07.00 monks ask for ALMS
- 07.30 - 08.30 food offering at Temple pavilion
- 10.00 - 12.00 Dharma discussion
-15.00 - 17.00 Dharma discussion
Every Monday - Friday, at 05:00-05:30am. on radio FM 106, The priest will reply by preaching on the shows “The truth of the Dhamma”.
Remarks: Every Saturday has meditation from 18:00-19:00pm. and more preaching from 19:00-20:00 approx.


Three involve the bow , be stone location islet under Mekong waterway , because of during flood islet stone season will be aforementioned sink under the nether world , and with whirlpool power scours , make stone islet becomes tiny basin
and big a lot of more 3,000 a basin or 3 involve the bow. Bow or basin mean deep pool in stone islet under Mekong waterway and the word that bow is the language of Laos often likes to call and three involve the bow become at breed aquatic tasteless animals in Mekong waterway as its nature may be big place most, heal palace system and the reproduction of the aquatic animals in Mekong waterway.The travel tours to see [ praise ] three involve the bow , stay far from the UbonRatchathani about 120 a kilometer along the way public Ubol –Trakarn-Phosai , should initial at quarter of a baht beachhere have the tourist attraction , for example quarter of a baht beach white beach is circumspect powdery long go to through Mekong River line which isplace that Mekong narrow River most through long distance more 700 a kilometer , by have the wideness of a river just 56 the meter.By have the residence can give a tourist rests comfortable smoothly quarter of a baht beac , and food Thai shop and the northeast where cook with top grade craftsmanship.

Brook sand big waterfallstay in the border heals wild animals, Boontarikdistrict, Ubonratchathanee province , far from amphur about 1 k.m. but the tiredness is will lost completely , when get see and touch with beautiful atmosphere as its nature may be .

Balcony pole : before arrive to score cliff about 3 a kilometer. Be a stone stands to are overlap each other naturally there is the character resembles the mushroom line a lot of which a stone will aforementioned appear to see shell carcass, pebble, sand stay in large-sized land is natural phenomenon, at born from the erosion erodes of the water, wind and the sun light have the character are a stone erect, participate on a stone is locate by misfire , watch resemble the mushroom.

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