Wat Hin-Mak-Peng

Wat Hin-Mak-Peng

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Wat Hin-Mak-Peng
“Dharma alms is have , win the alms whole”
Contacted address ; Ban THaijareun M.4 T.PhaputtabathA.Sichiangmai
Nongkhai province 43130
The meditation inscribes ;TeadTeadrungsi
Abbot; Pichit Chitmalo
Travel ;stay far from 75 kilometer cities , along the way
public 211 numbers ( Nongkhai - Sichiangmai ) with 2186 public number temple on the right a hand

Direction Map:

History directly ;
Wat Hin Mak Peng was once home to Luang Poo Thet Thetrangsri, a much revered monk of the Northeast of Thailand. The well kept grounds, which are both spacious and lush with trees, offer a tranquil and serene atmosphere perfect for dharma practice and meditation. It is a meditation center for monks, nuns and pilgrims. This tranquil sanctuary is adjacent to the Mekong and is ideal for relaxation. The sanctuary is at km. 83 of highway No.2186, 30 km. from Amphoe Sri Chiang Mai. After year 2476 this temple be the thick forest and untidy have a lots of malaria , alive the residence of bad all humankind , there is a tiger , bear , etc. and this is ferry in between 2 countries , be Thailand and the People's Democratic Republic of Laos as well , because , at this far from a person travels back and forth have hunter forest gang comes to see loud shoot animal eats only , in addition this person knows Wat Hin-Mak-Peng directly , in the name of that fierce ghost is a lot of , the monk on pilgrimage who want to test the bravery has of the self must come to pray here , who get come to test in this place bravery has already , should believe in oneself , both of celibacy friend , praise that is brave braver can trust because of he is regarded as fierce ghost , Wat Hin-Mak-Peng directly is stone piece name which , stand line prevent stay river Mekong bank that in front this temple by oneself has the figure resembles balance gold old days person this his pendulum calls that Teng or Peng-yoy.
In a temple has many house for Buddhist guesthouse priests stays the area is well-known , compose the sparse forest , bamboo forest , the lake is big being in Mekong riverside.

In the temple

Touring highly popular place near
Friendship Thai bridge - Laos is a bridge crosses a river the Mekong fromsAmphurMuengNongkhai goes to Muengthaduer of Loas which stay far from Wiangchan city about 20 a kilometer , establish with the cooperation of 3 countries be Australia ,
Laos and Thai , regard a bridge that build up friendship Thai - , Laos , give well-fitting firm increasingly both of the economy , social , and the culture , general tourist who want to travel from Nongkhai goes to Wiangchan have to use this bridge. Has length 1,137 the meter , wide 12.7 the meter , there is the channel for manage a line of motor vehicles 2 the way , which straight middle bridge period designs to keep for build the railway.

Pho-Thok-in northeast language translates that a mountain is lonely , in BanKhamkanTumbolNasabang be sandstone outstanding mountain can see from a distant land , compose the Pho-Tho big , and the Pho-Thok small , previously this area has evered to is the thick forest , there is wild animals lives a lot of , teacher Jurn , get begin come in establish a place practices to persist for the Buddhist practices the dharma , because of be peaceful place.


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