Wat Jittapawana

Wat Jittapawana

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Abbot : Prasopchai Kuntasilo
Contact information: Kookod Tumbol, Lumlookka district,
Pathum Thani province. a branch is 44 of Phapong temple.
Telephone: +66 (2) 5-321 548, +66(8)1-426695

Jittapawana Temple is a temple that administer as per
“Luang Por Cha Supattho”, and there is respiratory meditation practice all year.
Jittapawana Temple History:
When Luang Por Cha Supattho travel come to at Bangkok will mostly have a monk and a novitiate followed when went to rest at home feels to considerate of another's. so he want to have temple at Bangkok because , will get convenient build a monk and a novice in the Buddhist religion who travel to come to do a business that Bangkok , On 19 January 2521 the forces of Mr. and Mrs. Watechapan have the mind believes in to dedicate 5 real amount farm estates to Luang Por Cha Supattho. Originally the farmland around 5 real estate farm this areas , be full the paddy field and grassland are roomy after that, they are help to build the toilet and living quarter of monks and grow the tree goes up within the house of priest when finished the host has salutation to Luang Por Cha Supattho get send a monk comes to keep within a monastery house of this priest , be Prasopchai Kuntasilo and created name ‘’Jittapawana Temple’’ in 2524.

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