Wat Nak Nimit

Wat Nak Nimit

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Wat Pa Nak Nimit is natural forest. There are many species of trees. Although not far from the village, but it is a wilderness. Good for perseverance. Peace away from the hustle and bustle is the heart of the forest temple, this temple is the same.


The villagers will build a monk's hut for monk master Mun. On the dawn of construction start date, Naga made a mark. The villagers saw as a circle, so they dig a hole following that mark. Later, when the pavilion was built, the mark appeared again, and the pavilion was floating in it as well. Master Mun told them that "This temple is named Wat Pa Nak Nimit." But for the common people, they are called by the village name, such as Wat Pa Ban Na Mon.

How to meditate?

Anapanasati practice (Breathing Meditation)


Wat Pa Nak Nimit (Wat Pa Ban Na Mon) Tong Khobe Subdistrict, Khok Si Suphan District, Sakon Nakhon, Northern Isaan

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