Wat Nippatplaram

Wat Nippatplaram

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Office practices the dharma provincial Sakolnakhorn that is
5 T.Pat, A.Khamtakra , Sakol Nakhorn 47250
The sect is : , MahaNikai
Abbot : teacher Sompob Chotpanya
Telephone ;04-298-1227, 081-871-9845, 083-338-2034
: http://www.luangporsompob.com/

WatNippatplaram to be situated 50 farm, which teacher Sompobhas come to buy keep with the labor from the wage in the work .Teacher Sompobget begin minister and disclose flat the Buddha's teaching of a monk come to the Buddha seriously , in year 2529.
Now he have come to build forest new office , for afforest and conserve the nature , stay not far fromTaisikhaplamontaram temple , far prevent about 10 a kilometer for suit the behaviour practices the dharma.

Dharma practice concerns in important chance :
- mode of practices work be the work practices the dharma yearly , very go up about between date 10-18 January of every year for 10 day for the education trains the practical part to undergraduate monk who is studying at graduate in BuddhistChulalongkon university and NakornPanom college, NakornPanom province by will have the monk , novitiate , layman , laywoman , from throughout every weave the directiontravel come to practice the dharma greatly more two thousand the life.
- Visakhathe work day date person pay attention the dharma , be the arrangement practices the dharma festival period day Visakha , which be the birthday of teacher Sompob together with listen to the Buddhist sermon from a lot of teacher.
The regulations in dharma practice ;
02.00 a.m. bell signal awake , practice the dharma
04.00 a.m. pray in the morning
09.00 a.m. have a meal
15.00 p.m. practice the dharma
17.00 p.m. pray in the evening
21.00 p.m. relax

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