Wat Pa Kaew Chumphon

Wat Pa Kaew Chumphon

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                Wat Pa Kaew Chumphon is a monastery of Luangpu Mun Phuritatto Mahathera’s line. Currently, Luangpu Aunlar Thitadhammo is the monks’ president. He behaved well with the precepts and morals, strict disciplinarian and followed the principle that the teacher, Singthong Dhammawaro, carried on. He also studied with Luangpu Khao Analayo and Luangta Maha Bua Yannasampanno when he was a novice. He prays Patimokkha very well. Teachers in those days praised that all the characters he prayed are correct and euphemistic, so any monks who want to practice patimokkha praying must learn with him at this temple. Wat Pa Kaew Chumphon is the perfect place to meditate peacefully. Teachers follow the Buddha's instructions, strictly discipline and the practice of spiritual prayer in order to move out the cycle of life.


                In the year 1951, Luangpu Khao Analayo, the important disciple of Luangpu Mun Phuritatto, came to meet and rest here; the place where the villagers of 5 villages in the vicinity left the corpses. Later, the villagers helped to build a hut and a small pavilion with grass. And they invited Luangpu Khao to stay during the Buddhist Lent for the sake of merit as well as preaching to teach the mind of the villagers. In 1965, the villagers went to Luangpu Khao to ask for the monks who live here regularly. Luangpu Khao recommended the villagers to invite Master Singthong Dhammawaro who was at Wat Pa Nong Saeng, Udon Thani. The villagers invited him 7 times, thus he accepted the villagers to go there with Ajarn Aunlar Thitadhammo and their mothers of two teachers, who had ordained as nuns were also here. During the Master Singthong as an abbot, people would be assigned to study and stayed in rain retreat no more than 18 monks. But there would be many novices, sometimes kutis (the residence provided) were not enough. Kutis in those days was small just for dodge sun and rain. Master Singhong was at Wat Pa Kaew Chumphon since the rainy season at the 22nd to the 36th. After the Master Singthong passed away. The primate of Sawang daen din district deligated the master Aunlar Thitadhammo as the abbot since then.

How to meditate?

                Anapanasati practice (Breathing Meditation)


                Wat Pa Kaew Chumphon is at Baan Chumphon, Tambon Kho Tai, Sawang daen din district, Sakon Nakhon 47110

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