Wat panakumnoi

Wat panakumnoi

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The temple is located in the fertile nature with plants. There are many wild animals in many areas of meditation practice discovered by Abbot - Luangphor Inntawai Santussago, main disciple of Luangta Mahabua. Wat-pa-na-kham-noi, is a forest temple of dhammyuttika line, come from “Baan Taad Forest Temple”. Many years ago, Buddhists who have faith in religion and giving merit. There are monks follow to the best teachings of Phra Ajaan Mun Bhuridatta Mahathera. That commitment has grown to a large number of monks. In the remote area is very difficult to devote missionaries on mountains. At present inside the temple has a rich natural plants are particularly suitable for prayer.

History of the Temple’s has been set on June 2529 (1986) is the perfect place for those who are interested in meditation in the forest, because it is a peace and tranquility for the period of the Abbot - Luangphor Inntawai Santussago staying in “Baan Taad Forest Temple”, has come in that area while it is the National Forest. It has a failure condition area and gets the forest concession term of many agendas. Until the year 2523 (1980), Abbot - Luangphor Inntawai Santussago is on pilgrimage this time has set up long-handled umbrella. That seems to be a place for the practice of religious faith by persuaded the kith and kin fellow together building a Bureau Practice of Meditation.


Abbot : Luangphor Inntawai Santussago


Contacted address : Moo.7, Baan Na Kham Noi, Tumbol Baan Kong, Amphur Na Yung, Udornthani province 41380.
Telephone : (042) 223423
Fax : (042) 223143
Website: http://www.watpanakamnoi.com


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