Wat Subtawee Dhammaram

Wat Subtawee Dhammaram

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                The temple’s air is good for the body and also good for prayers.


January 6, 2550, Master Sopha found the land of this temple today, overlooking the green mountains, as he has seen two mountains in his vision and there was Khmer language "vibrate" before so he has the idea to make a heritage for temporary residence. The owner of Banraiplaitawan farmhouse, that was not far from the monk’s residence, informed to give woods. But he denied three times. One day, he dreamed that his teacher, luangta maha Bua parked his car in this monastery. So he let phra Amnuay looked at how woods could be useful.

Phra Amnuay considered that wood can make 32 poles. Master Sopha contemplated his vision, so he decided to bring the woods to build the pavilion in just 4 months.

November 6, 2009 It is the day to celebrate the pavilion was completed only 15 days and his teacher, luangta maha Bua, came to this monastery as his vision. He immediately knew that "What is the meaning of vibrate?"

June 22, 2010 The Supreme Buddhist Patriarch of Thailand given that the name of this temple "Wat Sang Tham Wang Kao Kaew"

7 March 2011, the National Buddhism Office announced the establishment of a temple in Buddhism. "Wat Sang Tham Wang Khao Khiew"

The area of ​​37 rais of land used for the construction of the temple 23 rais and the construction of the Maha Chedi Sri Saeng Tham Wisutthi Mongkol more than 13 rais. Phra ajarn Sopha Samano is the monk’s president and phra ajarn Amnuay Sukawatthano is the abbot.


04.45 am                morning chanting and cleaning the pavilion

06.00 am                offering alms to the monks

07.00 am                back to the temple, go up the pavilion - listen to the preach - After the monks finish breakfast - wash the monks’ bowl - clean the cleaning area and the pavilion - fold the yellow robes of Buddhist monks – move to kuti (the residence provided) for own practicing

12:45 - 02:00 pm    Drinking time

3:30 pm                  Wipe the mat - clean the pavilion and the master’s kuti - wash the toilet, then take a bath.

7:00 pm                  evening chanting.

08.00 - 10.00 pm    On weekdays, pray on the pavilion. (If it is a holy day, The master will be on the sermon.) After that, prayer practicing.

How to meditate?

Anapanasati practice (Breathing Meditation)


                As photo

                This temple is located at 26 Moo 19 Ban Butagomuangmai, Wang Nam Khiew, Nakhon Ratchasima

Kabin Buri - Nakhon Ratchasima Road. Turn at Km. 66 for about 1 km.

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